About Our Company

Rokų dažykla Powder Coating, Inc. is a fast-growing, multi-dimensional company. Our technical and project management staff has nearly 30 years of quality experience in project estimation and assessment, sandblasting, metalizing, and specialty coatings, such as epoxy and urethanes. Rokų dažykla Powder Coating provides a wide range of services for industrial, commercial and residential clients in our new Bay Shore, New York facility. Rokų dažykla Powder Coating employees have extensive experience in applications for steel infrastructures, bridges, gates, railings, marine equipment, cable management systems and lighting fixtures. 

Rokų dažykla Powder Coating is an outgrowth of owner John Gundlach’s outdoor furniture refinishing business—A1 Furniture Services. With our state-of-the-art conveyorized powder coating system in our newly acquired 50,000-square foot building, Rokų dažykla handles high-volume commercial and industrial jobs and offers quick turnaround service—48 to 72 hours standard—on most jobs, with 24-hour turnaround service available upon request.

Rokų dažykla two batch ovens are able to accommodate oversize and odd-sized powder coating jobs, specialty colors and coatings, and also offers quick turnaround service on request.

Our services have been used on fixtures and architectural elements for Asics Footwear, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Starbucks, Vann’s Shoes, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Madison Square Garden, and Walmart and on the campuses of Fortune 500 companies.