Rokų dažykla is committed to providing the best abrasive blasting possible, resulting in the best outcome for your project. We are fully trained and competent in all types of paint removal. Plus, we offer the added convenience of mobile blasting. As a mobile blasting specialist, we go to your location, saving you the time and money it would require to bring your project to us.

Experienced in mobile blasting

Rokų dažykla has blasted over 2,000 projects, including schools, cabins, trailers, trucks, homes, tractors, cars, and more. Rokų dažykla has been running a mobile blasting service since 2008

Developing honest customer relations

At Rokų dažykla we think it’s important to develop an honest partnership with our clients, to ensure they are happy with us and our work. Because of the knowledge and experience we have gained working on thousands of projects, we are able to present ideas and suggestions to make the next project better, faster and more cost effective.

Skilled in a variety of media blasting methods

While sandblasting and soda blasting are our top techniques for paint removal, we are thoroughly skilled in other types of abrasive blasting, including glass blasting, glass bead blasting, walnut blasting, corn blasting, and salt blasting.

We come to you!

We provide fast and reliable mobile blasting service for contractors, painters, homeowners, fabricators, other companies. We also provide mobile blasting for smaller clients, like tractor collectors and car collectors. Whether we charge by the hour or by the job, we promise that our prices are fair and competitive.

Call us!

Choose Rokų dažykla as your trusted partner for your next mobile sandblasting or soda blasting project. We are fully insured to the industry standard.